Short Biography

Freelance Copywriter and Digital Marketing Consultant


At an early age, I knew that I wanted to de an entrepreneur, not knowing what it exactly was called, I used to say, “I will have my own company.”

In high school at around 20, I had planned to open an online store, but never got around to launch, since I had not saved up all the money I at that time thought that I needed.

At 21, I finished HHX (business high school) after dropping out twice from STX, ordinary high school.

I was then accepted at the ZIBAT and started to study Marketing Management. In my second semester, I started my first company, X2Nails and I started self-study Digital Marketing.

At 22, I started a blog about the things I learned and do speeches here and there.

At 23, I finished the two year AK (Marketing Management) and continued at the Professional Bachelor International Sales and Marketing at ZIBAT. I also started seriously to study my religion, which has not only made me a better person, but also opened my eyes for humanity.

At 24, I finished with my PBA (International Sales and Marketing) and a couple of months later I started my second company, X2Writer. I also took the intensive course: Successful Negotiation Essential Strategies and Skills from The University of Michigan. Afterwards I started another intensive course from The University of Tokyo, in Game Theory.

In between all of this, I volunteered as an Ambassador at the Global Entrepreneurship Week and started to volunteer as a mentor for 10 teenage boys (Same Inside Different Outside) for the project Mind Your Own Business under Dansk Flygtningehjælp. There I was also the Cashier.

At 25, I decided to focus on Writing and Digital Marketing. I sold X2Nails and started on a longer education of Islamic studies. Furthermore, I finished the Game Theory course.

After volunteering as a mentor and a cashier for a year for S.I.D.O. I decided to leave that position so I could focus more on my business and myself.

At 26, I started to focus on my clients and I became Google Certified in Digital Marketing.

Now I am 27 and in September, I will start on my master’s degree in Social Science Law.



I am Fluent in Danish and English …

I can almost fluently talk Urdu, Punjabi and Hindi.

To some extent, I can speak Japanese, German, Norwegian, Swedish and Spanish.

I can only read Arabic.


Named by family: Hafsa Farooq.

Female, since birth.

27 Years on earth.

The country I had my first cry in: Denmark.

Currently living in Denmark.

Current company is X2Writer.

Working positions are as Freelance Copywriter and Digital Marketing Consultant.

Specialties: Catching sales texts, with a touch of storytelling and ... a straight up Digital Marketing Nerd.

Experience in my specialeties is over five years.

In my free time, I am always doing something.


Who am I

My Mission

My Mission ...

Is to help you and your business sell more using the newest and most effective Digital Marketing methods.

How I work

  • 30 minuets tel. meeting
  • Description and confirmation
  • I work on the project
  • You give feedback on the draft
  • I send you the finished work

My experience

Digital Marketing - 95%
Copywriting - 93%
Consulting - 50%
Graphics - 31%

Megnor History


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