Hi, to you!

Do you keep staring on your computer screen, when you need to write something?


Don’t worry, it’s a common problem.

It’s just because you are much better at doing something else.


Fear not.


I will write for you, using my creative sales and marketing techniques.

I can target and hit your audience as if I had been working with your company for years.


The website is just under construction, but I can still write for you.


Just send me an e-mail at hf@x2writer.com


Tell me, what you need written and I will see what I can do for you.


Remember these important things:

  • What language you want the text written in – Danish or English.
  • Topic
  • Target group
  • Approximate deadline
  • Approximate lengths (words)
  • A couple of lines about the task
  • Where the text is going to be released


If you don’t have an assignment right now, you can sign-up to my newsletter and just let me know, when you need me.

I only send newsletters out on occasion.

Hafsa Farooq
Freelance copywriter
Digital Marketing Consultant

P.S. Send me your problem at hf@x2writer.com

P.P.S. Sign-up to my newsletter, for occasional newsletters from me.