Writing is not for everyone to do. Hire someone who is good at it. Graphic by ijmaki.

Ok, fine!
He knows the product better than anyone else in the company does, but that does not mean he can sell on paper (in writing).

You do not ask a salesperson to develop a product, do you?
Ok, you might … but I would not recommend it.

Because he knows how to sell.
He does not know how to develop a product.

Ben from product development is great at what he was employed to do, remember?
That is why you employed him.

Now, look.

What he can do, is provide the copywriter with the specifics of the product. Be it in sentences or notes. That is not important, as long as the copywriter understands them.


You do not need just any copywriter. You need someone who knows how to pressure your clients into buying or placing that call AND at the same time, create value for them.

There are different ways to do that and your Copywriter should know them.
So, your company, can make more money.
However, if you do not want that, then just hire any Copywriter.


Not every copywriter can do this. It is something they learn from studying marketing and the psychology behind the purchasing process.

This means, not every copywriter is as good you need him or her to be.

Compromising exactly here is not very smart.

You might not even know that you are compromising here, but you can find out by checking out the Copywriters former work. Look for the following things.

1. It is easy on the eyes?

2. Can the target audience read and understand it?

3. Does it make the target audience want to spend money in the company?

4. Can the Copywriter, write in your company’s style?

If you can answer yes to all the questions, then you should go with him or her.

If you can answer no to one or two of them, then you should contact the writer and ask why, to the questions. 

If you can answer no to more than two, then you should get away as soon as possible. 

Yes, a quality text does cost more than a normal text.

Hafsa Farooq
Freelance copywriter
Digital Marketing Consultant

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